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Hi! My name is...

Samina Batyrova

I am a Content Creator

About me

A Kazakhstani-born, Toronto-based content creator focusing on Lifestyle, Personal Development, and Travel. As a well-rounded brand & digital marketing specialist, I've been able to gain an in-depth understanding of the concept of social selling and develop a well-rounded set of skills in marketing that allows me to create compelling content for my audience and brands.

With over 5 years of hands-on experience in digital marketing, public relations, project management, and content production, I help brands optimize their marketing operations as well as establish and execute strategies that convert and build credibility.

I love creating - whether it's dance choreography, photo/video, graphics, AR filter, an NFT, or something as simple as cooking.

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As a versatile creator, I love creating anything from photo & video-based content down to AR filters and NFTs. Thus, I try to maximize my reach across various platforms like...


Followers: 11.1K+

Engagement Rate: 12.5%

Average Weekly Impressions: 35K

Focus: Lifestyle Blog 


Followers: 3K+

Focus: Professional Career 


Total Plays: 2K+

Focus: Thought Leadership



Followers: 23K+

Likes: 578.9K+

Average Weekly Views: 120K

Focus: Humour & Entertainment


Followers: 100+

Focus: Thought Leadership


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Focus: AR Filters

Impressions: 7.5M+

Captures: 629K+


Subscribers: 3.49K+

Total Views: 965K

Watch time (hours): 8.6K

Focus: Video Portfolio


Monthly views: 300+

Focus: Inspiration


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Focus: NFT Art


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